“A Dog’s Purpose” books and movie

Title: A Dog's Purpose, Author: W. Bruce Cameron  Title: A Dog's Journey, Author: W. Bruce Cameron  Title: A Dog's Purpose Boxed Set, Author: W. Bruce Cameron  Title: Bailey's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel, Author: W. Bruce Cameron  Title: Ellie's Story, Author: W. Bruce Cameron Title: The Dogs of Christmas, Author: W. Bruce Cameron  Molly's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel  With the popular ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ movie based on the books set to open on Friday January 27, 2017, the books have been flying off the shelf in my middle school library.  If you’ve seen the trailer in the theater, you know that the movie looks like a heart-warming tear-jerker sure to please dog lovers.  W. Bruce Cameron has more than 6 titles in the series already with “Molly’s Story” scheduled for a release later this year.  ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ looks to be the next ‘Marley and Me.’

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