“XO, OX: A Love Story”

If it is true that opposites attract, a new juvenile picture book “XO, OX:  A Love Story” surely is a clever way to illustrate this idea.9781626722880_p0_v3_s192x300.jpgWritten as a series of letters between an ox and a gazelle,  this is a story of never giving up.  In his first letter, Ox admits that he has always admired gazelle for being graceful.  In order words, he loves her. Gazelle replies by stating she has many admirers and can’t reply to each of them, but she does send a signed photo for ox’s collection.

Ox does not give up.  He writes back and tells her that he really appreciates that she has taken the time to respond to him.  Her reply is to resend her original letter.  And so it continues.  Gazelle becoming more and more frustrated with each letter.  Until love takes its course and in the end opposites do attract.

Written by Adam Rex and illustrated by Scott Campbell this is a great book for Valentine’s Day or any other day.


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