How to Combat Fake News

It has become so easy in the age of Facebook to fall victim to a fake news story. We have all done it. You are scrolling through your news feed and come across a catchy title that either amazes or infuriates you and you click to investigate. You are rerouted to another site (that you probably have never heard of) and read the story. The link has million of shares, comments, and likes that you can see, so you assume that if so many people are reading it that it MUST be true. Right?

But the fact is a lot of these links are to FALSE news stories. They are meant to incite anger. They are meant to mislead.

Luckily, Librarians are here to save the day. Facts matter and if you are every unsure of something that you have read you can always ask a Librarian to help you navigate the murky waters of truth and fiction.

OR you can check out this LibGuide which has amazing information about fake news, how to identify it, and how not to be fooled again!

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