“Laundry Day”

What can badgers do when they are bored?  In her new book, “Laundry Day,” Jessixa Bagley answers that question with a delightful, well-written story.

On a beautiful summer’s day, Tic and Tac can’t find anything to do.  They have read all their books, forward and backward, built and invaded their fort, and caught all the fish in the pond.  Their mom suggests that they help hang the laundry that she has just washed.  This suggestion is so appealing to the brothers that when they run out of laundry to hang, they look around and find countless objects to hang from the line.

Illustrated in soft watercolors, young children will enjoy the antics of the two badgers.  This is a great read aloud story–“They pilfered the pots. They pirated pillows.  They looted lampshades and even the toaster.”  Hopefully, the concept9781626723177_p0_v2_s118x184.jpgof hanging clothes on a line isn’t too old-fashioned for young readers.

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