The Fifth Letter

bookThe author Nicola Moriarty is the younger sister of best-selling authors Liane (Truly Madly Guilty, etc.) and Jaclyn Moriarty, author of numerous teen novels. Nicola’s newest novel is the story of four friends on vacation: Joni, Deb, Eden and Trina. All have been friends since high school, all are married, and all have children, except for Joni. To spice up the vacation, Joni challenges the others to divulge a secret on paper, and each night they will read one letter aloud. But somehow a fifth letter is written, which Joni rescues from the fireplace one evening after everyone has gone to bed. It is a letter of ill feelings towards one person in the group, which sends Joni into a panic.Who could have possibly written it?

This romance novel is fun and light, a good distraction if you happen to be looking for one…

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