“Owl Sees Owl”

Using less than thirty words, author Laura Godwin has created a simple story told in the form of a reverso poem.  A baby owl leaves the nest on a dark night to explore his world. HOME MAMA BROTHER SISTER.  These four words begin his journey.  As he flies through the night sky MOON BEAM EYES GLEAM explain what he is experiencing.  As he soars over the landscape he lands on a lake and sees his reflection in the water: OWL.

As he makes his journey back home, Godwin uses the same thirty words to trace owl’s path.  Finally ending with SISTER BROTHER MAMA HOME.

Rob Dunlavey, the illustrator, uses watercolor, colored pencil and ink to depict the dark evening sky as he focuses on the owl’s journey9780553497823_p0_v1_s118x184.jpgYoung children ages 3-7 will enjoy following the owl’s adventure as he flies through the night sky and returns to the warmth of his family.

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