The Marriage Lie

Title: The Marriage Lie, Author: Kimberly Belle   “The Marriage Lie” by Kimberly Belle is the story of Iris and Will, a very happily married couple of 8 years. As the novel begins, they are trying to conceive a baby. Will is scheduled to fly to Florida for a conference. A school guidance counselor, Iris receives the news that the plane crashed and Will is most certainly dead. Or is he? As Iris begins to fill in the gaps of Wills last days, too many unanswered questions leave her puzzled. Why did Will never mention his friend from the gym who shows up at the funeral? Why does his secretary know nothing about the conference he was headed to? Did Will really steal $4 million dollars from his employer? Torn between grieving her wonderful husband and the unknown Will he hid from her, Iris isn’t sure where the truth really lies. I listened to the audio version of this novel.

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