Dr. Who Fans, I’ve Got One For You!

Now available for American fans, a new series based on the original BBC Doctindex.jpgor Who spin-off series “The Class”. The show will be aired in the United States in April so you can be sure that once it airs these books will be come popular. The first installment Class: The Stone House was just released and written by YA favorite Patrick Ness (who also created the BBC series) and A.K. Bennett.

“The books and show follow five students at Coal Hill School who get caught up in the alien happenings around them. If we learned anything from Buffy, it’s that relationships are just as important as (read: sometimes more important than) impending doom. There are so many great friendships and romances between the kids in Class that you’ll be rooting for them to save the world just to see what happens next. Each character is hilarious in their own quippy way, and even as evil species threaten and dark pasts resurface, the narration will have you literally laughing out loud.”

Apparently, even if you don’t know anything about Doctor Who, you can still read these books, so it’s a win-win.

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