The Perfect Girl


The Perfect Girl: A Novel

A British psychological thriller, ‘The Perfect Girl’ is Gilly MacMillan’s story of teenage Zoe Maisey and her troubled life. Told partly in flashbacks, we learn that Zoe is about three year’s past a tragic DWI where two other teens were killed. She is guilty, pays her dues and is attempting to move forward with her “second-chance life.” Her mother has remarried and has a new baby. Zoe and her half brother are musical prodigies. In the opening chapters, Zoe’s mother is found murdered on the night of one of her concerts. The chapters are told from the point of view of various characters. We learn the background story behind the DWI as well as information about her aunt and stepfather. ‘Perfect Girl’ twists and turns between the present and past, revealing more and more about the characters until we learn who the guilty party is and who ultimately pays the price of the crime. Worth reading.

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