Where They Found Her

bookKimberly McCreight has written a fast paced mystery combining murder, infidelity, and the issues between parents and their children. When the body of a newborn is found near a college campus, reporter Molly Sanderson is assigned the story for the town paper. Although she had suffered a miscarriage a few years after having Ella, her daughter, Molly is learning to put the past behind her and pick up the pieces of her life. After all, she has a loving husband, daughter Ella, and her friends in her life for support. When Molly links the baby’s death to the death of a young college boy found years ago in the same area, it causes havoc among the town residents. McCreight has created well developed characters, and the dialogue moves the novel right along. Lots of twists and turns keep the reader’s interest. I would definitely recommend it for mystery fans.

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