The Cutaway

bookA first novel by Christina Kovac, The Cutaway is a fast-paced crime drama that centers around a news producer, Virginia, who finds herself caught up in a murder. Evelyn Carney, a young D.C. lawyer, goes missing and her body is later discovered among the reeds of the Potomac River. While chasing the story, Virginia is drawn into unraveling the threads of the crime, which involves some heavy hitters: two partners at the firm where Evelyn worked, the D.C. chief of police, and a politician. Having a photogenic memory for faces, Virginia is positive that she had seen the victim while working a story, and is determined to find her killer.

The author has a 17 year history in news, working for Fox 5, ABC and NBC, including shows like Meet the Press, the Today show and Nightly News, and has turned out a superb first effort.

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