The Keeper of Lost Things

book.jpgA first novel by Ruth Hogan, the setting is an old Victorian mansion outside of London. When its owner, Anthony Peardew passes away, it is inherited by his personal assistant and housekeeper, Laura, with one condition. He asks that she try to return some of the lost items that he has collected over the years, so as to make just one person happy or mend just one broken heart by the item’s return. So she sets out to try; with the help of the gardener, Freddy, a new friend, Sunshine, and Laura’s previous flatmate, who give advice and help her set up a website where she can list the lost items. The novel jumps between present day, and 40 years in the past, with the story of the previous owner of the house. The main themes of love and loss keep the reader hooked, and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, even though it was slow moving at first. A great read for English fiction fans.

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