The Sun is Also A Star

I listened to the audio-version of The Sun is Also A Star, Nicola Yoon’s latest YA novel (which I must say I enjoyed much more than the popular Everything, Everything). The novel centers mostly around two characters, Natasha and Daniel. We meet Nindex.jpgatasha on the day that her entire family is scheduled to be deported back to their native Jamaica after their illegal status was outed when her father gets a DWI. About to graduate High School, Natasha has no intentions of going back to Jamaica without a fight. Cue in Daniel. A first generation Korean-American he is en-route to his Yale Alumni interview when he sees Natasha and becomes smitten.

Daniel has always been a good student and obedient son – but he is a poet and a dreamer at heart. He believes that he and Natasha are “love at first sight”. Natasha who believes in Science and facts and does not believe in love at first sight isn’t too interested in Daniel – not when her family is about to be deported.

But fate and the Universe (who we hear from from time to time) have different ideas and show us how every moment in time is connected in one way or another.

The novel is beautifully written and I LOVED the little side chapters/stories about fate, the universe, the past, and the future. The voices in this novel are well crafted and inspiring. A must read/listen!

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