“Standard Deviation”

Standard Deviation“Standard Deviation” by Katherine Heiny examines the marriage of Graham and Audra.  Audra was the mistress Graham left his first wife for and now he and Audra are happily married with a son.  Living in New York City, Audra is a powerful force of personality who talks to anyone and everyone, often with shock value.  Graham is a mild-mannered older husband who is, at times, embarrassed by his keep-no-secrets wife. Though there is not a lot of  plot beyond the examination of Graham and Audra, the character development is fun to observe. Their son may or may not be on the autistic spectrum (aren’t we all close to it, anyway, Graham reflects) and has recently joined an origami group of adults with quirks of their own.  When the couple meets up with Graham’s first wife, we know Audra won’t pass up the opportunity to invite her out for inspection. Filled with colorful characters, like a bouquet of variegated flowers, ‘Standard Deviation’ is delightful for its peculiar people and indulges the idiosyncratic behaviour in all of us.

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