“The Sunshine Sisters”

Title: The Sunshine Sisters, Author: Jane Green

Jane Green’s latest, “The Sunshine Sisters” is a great summer beach read. British transplant Green is very comfortable in her hometown of Westport, Connecticut- the setting of ‘Sunshine.’  The Sunshine sisters includes Nell, the oldest, a single mother working on a farm in Connecticut with no time or interest in dating; Meredith, the middle child who moved to England years ago, who always felt neglected and harshly criticized by their mother; and Lizzie, the somewhat coddled youngest and most beautiful sister who is successful in her very hip pop-up restaurants.  When their mother calls them all home to visit, the sisters are together for the first time in ages and the stale connections fizzle and pop. Their mother, Ronni Sunshine, is a faded Hollywood star, mostly forgotten. She was never a great mother and the three daughters aren’t afraid of letting her know she gets a D (F?) as a grade. Although predictable, ‘Sunshine Sisters’ is good for a sunshine-y, hot, summer day

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