The Secrets She Keeps


Title: The Secrets She Keeps, Author: Michael Robotham

“The Secrets She Keeps” by Michael Robotham is a slow-burning thriller of two pregnant women in London, Agatha and Meghan, told in the alternating chapters of the two characters. The two women are complete opposites: Meghan is married to a TV sportscaster and pregnant with her third child. Her marriage to Jack seems perfect to Agatha on the outside, but Meghan knows it is on the edge of exploding with a secret she is determined to keep hidden. Agatha is single and finds herself pregnant after her boyfriend breaks up with her and is unreachable on a navy ship.  She works in a supermarket and watches Meghan and the other lucky moms gather for coffee and gripe about their babies. Agatha is thrilled to finally be pregnant and is determined to keep her secret- at all costs. As the birth dates approach, the action gets tenser and the two women become entangled in a web they find impossible to break out of.

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