Unraveling Oliver

Unraveling OliverMarried for 20 years, Oliver and Alice appear to have a satisfactory marriage. He writes children’s books and she illustrates them. But on page one Oliver attacks Alice and she is unconscious. The book looks back on Oliver’s life and reveals his loveless childhood.  Although he has charmed the world into believing he is an author of genius, handsome Oliver Ryan has a hidden past with evidence to the contrary. Rewinding to his schooldays, Oliver was sent to a boarding school at a young age where no mother or father ever visited. We learn what Alice said provoking Oliver’s anger and the history of how they met. Author Liz Nugent unwraps the layers of events that bring Oliver to France as a young man, his early romances, and tragic present. As each new door is opened to reveal another secret of his past, Oliver’s actions become more clear and tragic. Recommended.

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