Magpie Murders

11 bookAnthony Horowitz has written a mystery novel within a mystery novel. It begins with a note from an editor, actually, a warning to the reader that “this book has changed her life” and that Magpie Murders is not the usual whodunit that one may be expecting to read. And indeed the reader will find that to be true about halfway into the novel. I found Magpie Murders to be one of the most clever mysteries that I have ever read, and I highly recommend it to fans of this genre. Horowitz has also written series for PBS television, including Foyle’s War and Midsomer Murders.

Unraveling Oliver

Unraveling OliverMarried for 20 years, Oliver and Alice appear to have a satisfactory marriage. He writes children’s books and she illustrates them. But on page one Oliver attacks Alice and she is unconscious. The book looks back on Oliver’s life and reveals his loveless childhood.  Although he has charmed the world into believing he is an author of genius, handsome Oliver Ryan has a hidden past with evidence to the contrary. Rewinding to his schooldays, Oliver was sent to a boarding school at a young age where no mother or father ever visited. We learn what Alice said provoking Oliver’s anger and the history of how they met. Author Liz Nugent unwraps the layers of events that bring Oliver to France as a young man, his early romances, and tragic present. As each new door is opened to reveal another secret of his past, Oliver’s actions become more clear and tragic. Recommended.

The Best Library In Every State

public_libraryI recently read a fun article which lists all the “best” libraries by state. Of course the New York Public Library Main branch was listed as the best in New York State (although, of course I am more partial to our cozy little library here in Palisades) but it definitely has added some points of interest that I would like to see should I ever happen to be visiting these places. Check out the article because some of these buildings look amazing. Which one looks like it would be your favorite?

The Leaf Reader

11 book
This teen novel by Emily Arsenault tells the story of Marnie, a junior in high school who reads tea leaves to help out her classmates, who have big questions in their lives that they need answers to. Especially Matt Cotrell, the last person to see Andrea Quinley before she disappeared. Marnie decides to help Matt, even though she keeps receiving texts that tell her not to believe anything he says. Can she solve the mystery of Andrea’s disappearance and discover whether she is dead or alive? Check out the Leaf Reader to find out…