Mary’s Household Tips and Tricks

 Mary Berry is the former host of the “Great British Bake Off.” This is a reality show on British TV that can be seen in the US on DVD through our library system.  Having enjoyed watching Mary Berry judge the chefs, she has not returned to the show this season due to contract disputes. Many of her cookbooks are available. Although many of her household hints you’ve already thought of, I like the comments she inserts in between hints:

“For many people, the television is the focal point of the room. Try to choose one that doesn’t get Channel 4. It’s gone downhill dreadfully recently and features programmes with that awful, money-grabbing Paul Hollywood.

“When baking, don’t use any of Prue Leith’s cookbooks. She really doesn’t have a clue what she is doing.

I am hoping that she returns to TV soon in another venue as her proper, upper crust English ways are entertaining to watch.

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