The Daughters of Ireland

2 bookThree young Irish women and their intertwining stories are at the heart of this latest novel by Santa Montefiore. Their sagas revolve around a castle nearly three centuries old, Castle Deverill, built in the late 1600s by its original owner, Barton Deverill in County Cork. Unfortunately for the family, Barton incurred the wrath of one Maggie O’Leary, who cursed him and his descendants for building on her property. Kitty Deverill Trench grew up in the castle playing with her friend, Bridie Doyle, whose mother was employed there. However, a recent fire has destroyed most of the building, leaving it in ruins. Kitty’s cousin Ceila Mayberry decides to use her husband’s money to restore the castle to its former glory, and the story takes off. If you like long family sagas complete with affairs, disasters, and lifestyles of the rich and titled, this novel is for you.

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