Grit by Gillian French

At home, Darcy Prentiss lives in a world of women with her older sister Mags, her mother, her aunt, and her cousin Nell. During the day she works at her summer job raking blueberrieindexs and at night she’s drinking and swimming with the boys in the quarry. She knows how to have a good time, just like anyone else, but when you’ve been designated the town slut, every move you make seems to further solidify your “trashy girl” reputation.


Darcy is haunted by a few things in her past which the novel doesn’t fully reveal making this story somewhat of a “mystery”. Darcy wants to be free but she also wants to shake her reputation. I loved her character and her relationship with her sister and her sweet cousin Nell. Overall this is a well-written story with strong female characters that any reader could relate to. My only bone to pick is that it deals with a lot of issues that aren’t fully fleshed out by the end of the novel – but it doesn’t sully the story, it’s still a good read!

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