One of Us Is Lying

One of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus is a classic “whodunnit” mystery mixed in with the satisfying The Breakfast Club tropes that we all know and love. This book is a reader favorite in 2017 so be sure to read it!index

Five students enter detention and only four of them come out alive.
Simon has a lot of enemies who would love to see him gone, he writes a gossip site called :About That” were he airs everyone in school’s dirty laundry. Simon ends up in detention with four other student who, coincidentally, he was about to air all their baggage the next day. After Simon turns up dead everyone in the room automatically become a suspect as police believe this wasn’t an accident.

We follow four students Bronwyn the good girl, Nate the bad boy with a criminal past, Cooper the jock and Addy the popular girl. The are all hiding a secret and willing to do anything to hide it, even murder.

Each character has a story and McManus does a good job of slowly uncovering their backgrounds’ making this a mystery that will keep you guessing until the end (although I personally knew who it was all along…). The book brings up real issues that mixed in with typical high school fun will keep you reading!

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