‘The Last Mrs. Parrish’

The Last Mrs. Parrish A captivating story of a wealthy “happily married”  wife and a woman who longs to replace her and take over her life….. until she does. Amber Patterson plots to ‘accidentally’ meet wealthy socialite, Daphne Parrish. Daphne has and is everything Amber wants to be: pampered, adored, living the good life in Connecticut with her handsome husband and two children. The first half of the story is told from Amber’s point of view as she sets up an accidental meeting with Daphne and then becomes her friend. Amber and Daphne become close and soon Amber has infiltrated herself into Daphne’s life. Daphne tells the story in the second half of the novel and reveals another side to the story of her happily married, perfect life. Unexpected twists and turns make this a page-turner. Also available on audio.

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