Finding Audrey

Finding Audrey is a Young Adult book by bestselling adult author Sophie Kinsella.



The book is about Audrey, a teenage girl who cannot leave her house. Something bad happened to Audrey at her last school, so now she wanders around the house aimlessly wearing sunglasses and unable to have much contact with the outside world. Her doctor tells her to make a video documenting her life, family, recovery, which helps her interact with others and herself. Of course, her brother’s cute best friend Linus showing up and taking an interest in Audrey terrifies her (but also sort of pushes her along). It seems a little bit too-good-to-be-true, but it is a  nice story nevertheless.

Kinsella has created some lovely, humorous, chaotic family members for Audrey and that is what saves

this book. You will laugh out loud and if that doesn’t make a good book then I’m not sure what does!

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