Before I Let Go

index (2)Corey hadn’t answered her best friend Kyra’s last few letters. After all, she was busy trying to find her place at her new school, after moving away from their home town of Lost, Alaska. And she’s due home for a week visit soon, so she has plenty of time to catch up with Kyra then. But a few days before Corey is due to leave, Kyra is found dead, floating in a lake. Now Corey has a week to figure out what happened. Why didn’t Kyra hang on until Corey got there? Suddenly, Lost feels like an entirely different place. The townspeople treat Corey like an outsider, and no one will give her any answers to why Kyra died. The story deals with mental illness, and lists resources at the end for help and treatment for anyone who would need it. A haunting story…

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