Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess

 Winner of the 2018 Schneider Family Book Award, “Macy McMillan” is a novel in verse for 3rd graders and up. The Schneider Award which “honors an author or illustrator for an artistic expression of the disability experience for child and adolescent audiences,” often introduces me to titles that I fall in love with. I enjoyed the story of 6th grader Macy McMillan, a deaf girl who has recently had a falling out with her best friend. Her mother is remarrying and soon they will sell their house and move in with her soon-to-be stepfather and step-sisters. There are a lot of changes in Macy’s life, but the biggest one is her new friendship with her elderly next-door neighbor, Iris Gillan. Iris will also be moving soon because she can no longer live by herself. Macy is assigned to help her pack up and learns about friendship and wise life lessons from Iris. I read this book in under 2 hours and enjoyed the journey of Macy getting to know Iris and coming to terms with her new family.

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