The Stars are Fire

bookAnita Shreve pens another compelling novel about a woman who is given the chance to reinvent herself. Grace Holland , a young twenty-something, survives a devastating fire in 1947 Maine, protecting her children by crouching on the shoreline and covering them with her body. Much of the town is lost in the fire; Grace lost her home and all her worldly possessions. Her husband was last seen fighting the fire and has not been found. After re-uniting with her mother, Grace moves her family into her mother-in-law’s empty expansive home, recently left to her husband, Gene, an extremely controlling and sometimes abusive husband. With the chance for a new life, she lands a job to support her family, saves up for a car, and finds a new love. However, her life takes an unexpected turn and she must call upon all her newfound strength to keep herself on the right path. Recommended for fans of Shreve and relationship novels.

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