Now That You Mention It

bookNora never would have thought that she would return to her hometown after fleeing it for college and med school. But after being hit by a car and breaking up with her boyfriend, she finds herself moving back into her mother’s house on Scupper Island in Maine. Nora’s younger sister Lily is in jail in Seattle for selling drugs, so Nora’s teenage niece Poe is living in the house as well. Even as Nora tries to befriend Poe, her niece wants no part of her, her mother is not the sympathetic type, and Nora fights desperately to avoid backsliding into her childhood role of feeling like a loser. Kristina Higgins injects the novel with some great moments of humor, and Nora’s struggles are very relatable. The plot includes a love story as well and is a light read for anyone who craves a little escapism.

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