“The Silent Sister”

“The Silent Sister” somehow came across my path recently and I listened to the audio edition. Told in the alternating voices of Riley and Lisa/Jade, we learn that Riley’s father recently passed away and she is in the process of returning home to get ready to sell her childhood home. As long as Riley can remember, it’s been her and her older brother, Danny. When she was 2, her older sister, Lisa, died and she doesn’t remember her.  Riley has always been told that she was a violin prodigy that drowned in an accident.  As Riley begins digging through her father’s belongings and talking to neighbors, she discovers that the story she grew up with may only be a story.  As Riley searches for the truth, we are introduced to Lisa at age 17- the year she “died.” She was accused of murdering her violin teacher and was about to stand trial when she drowned. The story builds tension and the characters are engaging, though flawed. Recommended.

Title: The Silent Sister: A Novel, Author: Diane Chamberlain

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