How to Find Love…

… in a Bookshop.  This is the latest title I listened to from the library set in the English Cotswolds.  Julius Nightingale is the owner of the local bookshop. He is a man everyone seems to adore. Especially his only child, daughter Emilia.  When Julius passes away, Emilia grieves her father and struggles to take over the family bookshop.  After returning home for her father’s funeral, Emilia begins to discover how cherished her father was by various members of the village.  She decides to try to keep the beloved bookshop open despite learning that her father had barely been making a living from it.  As she transitions into the life of the village, we meet Thomasina, a lonely local chef; Jackson, a confused single father; Sarah, owner of the town’s family estate and Dylan, her gardener; Bea, a new mother recently relocated from London who steals a book; Marlo, a musician from her father’s quartet; June, Julius’ dear friend who is willing to step in and help Emilia save the shop. Through the connections of the different characters, we get to know Julius and see how the power of Nightingale Books makes a difference in everyone who visits.

How to Find Love in a Bookshop

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