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The rise of audio books

June 21, 2018

Going back 20, 10, even 3 years ago, teachers would not look happy when I promoted audio books to our students. “Well, maybe as long as they’re reading the book along with listening…” They would give a reluctant nod along with a tacit warning to me not to continue this delinquent campaign of advertising the availability of free audio titles from the library.  Many saw it as a form of cheating.  Many grudgingly only allowed certain students to listen if they were the reluctant readers or not likely to get through a single book if not for the audio edition.  Now more teachers are acknowledging the format as a way to grab the average reader’s attention and enhance the literary experience.  One even encouraged me to purchase a subscription to an audio book company for the school recently.

The numbers back it up.  Total sales rose 22.7% in 2017.

“73% of listeners used a smartphone to listen to audiobooks.”                             white headphone

Visit a recent article reviewing the latest figures on audiobooks by clicking on the headphones and see how popular this format really is.

Life Lessons: 125 Prayers and Meditations

June 20, 2018

111 book.jpgJulia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, has written a small volume of prayers and meditations, 125 in all. Her choice of topics vary; from dealing with anxiety, messiness, and procrastination, as well as asking for help, guidance, clarity and creativity. Each topic is a short page, and helps to align one’s mind with the divinity of the universe. It is a very comforting little aid to help disengage the mind from any negativity that tends to crop up in our heads from time to time. I found it very useful.

Death on the Nile

June 16, 2018

aaabookI am sorry to say that I haven’t read many of Agatha Christie’s titles, and was pointed to this one while reading another book. It did not disappoint! Featuring Hercule Poirot, Death on the Nile contains all the elements for a murder: greed, jealousy, anger, and love. Poirot is aboard a ship for a cruise on the Nile when several murders occur during the trip, and he must use his extensive powers of deduction to narrow the search to the one passenger who has committed the crimes. Written in 1937, it still hails as a classic whodunit and I found it very entertaining. The places visited by the characters are all fabulous: Ez-Sebua, Assuan (now Aswan), the Cataract Hotel and Abu Simbel. I think I’ll watch the movie next…

Best Books guide 2018 from Bank Street

June 14, 2018

The Bank Street Center for Children’s Literature in NYC seeks to promote the highest quality literature for children from preschool to adolescence. Established in 1909, their committee releases a best books list annually. You can purchase the 2018 guide for about $12 or access the PDf edition here. This year’s book includes more than 600 titles with summaries

The Best Children's Books of the Year [2018 edition] by Bank Street College of Education. Children's Book Committee


June 13, 2018

Kwame Alexander is one my favorite YA authors. His book Solo that came out last year is just another gem in his collection!

Blade never asked for a life of the rich and famous. In fact, he’d give anything not to be the son of Rutherford Morrison, a washed-up rock star and drug addict with delusions of a comeback. Or to no longer be part of a family known most for lost potential, failure, and tragedy. The one true light is his girlfriend, Chapel, but her parents have forbidden their relationship, assuming—like many—that Blade will become just like his father.

In reality, the only thing Blade has in common with Rutherford is the music that lives inside them. But not even the songs that flow through Blade’s soul are enough when he’s faced with two unimaginable realities: the threat of losing Chapel forever, and the revelation of a long-held family secret, one that leaves him questioning everything he thought was true. All that remains is a letter and a ticket to Ghana—both of which could bring Blade the freedom and love he’s been searching for, or leave him feeling even more adrift.index

This writing is incredible and FUN and it is filled with MUSIC which is perfect for this Summer’s Libraries Rock! theme.

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