I’ll be Your Blue Sky

111 bookClare Hobbes is set to marry Zach, despite some strong misgivings. However, on the morning of the wedding day, Clare runs into an older woman on a park bench, who gives her some good advice: “No one should live with someone who scares her.” And Zach does in fact scare Clare with his intense emotions, anger and need to be almost in her head. As the older woman, Edith, relates her story of her own loving husband, Joseph, who was her “blue sky” or safe place, Clare finds the courage to call off the wedding. As the story progresses, she discovers some amazing attributes of Edith, although unfortunately, not until after Edith’s death. The novel flips back and forth in time between Edith’s and Clare’s stories, which is a perfect fit for this novel. I found it to be a wonderful read about relationships and life choices, penned by the author Marisa De Los Santos.

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