The President Is Missing

111 bookBill Clinton and James Patterson have teamed up for a top-notch thriller where the President, Jon Duncan, drops out of sight in order to save the world from a computer virus. If released, this virus has the capability to wipe files on every device in the U.S. that is connected to the Internet, resulting in mass hysteria. No Wall Street, no money in banks, no records anywhere, no fresh water, electricity, in effect, the U.S. would become the largest third world country.  President Duncan has one ally in his corner: Augie, the male half of a duo that wrote and embedded this virus. But there are assassins after the president as well, and he is unsure of whom he can trust in his select circle in Washington, when he discovers a mole in the “Group of Eight”, the top members of his group of advisors. Another matter to settle: who has financed this operation, suspected to have been run by a terrorist organization? A fast paced suspense novel that will leave the reader on the edge of his seat before the finale.

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