Goodbye, Paris

Grace Atherton is happy. Although certainly she has made sacrifices the past 8 years for her married boyfriend, she loves him and is certain that they will have a life together someday. She is willing to wait. Meanwhile, Grace makes instruments: violins, violas, cellos.  She has her shop in Kent, England, and easily runs off to Paris to see David whenever he is free.  Not a perfect life, but a life. Until David rescues a woman who has fallen onto the tracks of the Metro and her world gets shaken.  A talented cellist, Grace is afraid to play for an audience.  She wants a child, but time is running out.  She relies on her teenage employee, Nadia, to cover the shop while she manages her relationship. However, Nadia has secrets of her own. If you liked “How to Find Love in a Bookshop,” you will enjoy “Goodbye, Paris.”


Goodbye, Paris: A Novel

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