The Lido

aa bookLibby Page is a British first time novelist who has penned a story about friendship and the importance of standing up for what you believe. The Brockwell Lido is an free outdoor swimming pool in South London where Rosemary has been swimming since she was a child during WWII (she is now 86!). But it is slated to be torn down, and replaced by an expensive gym exclusively for members only. So many fixtures have vanished: the library where Rosemary used to work, the nearby market that was family-owned, and the threat of the pool closing is the last straw. When she meets a young woman, Kate, who is writing the story for the local newspaper, Rosemary befriends her, and they continue the fight to save the beloved pool. Tune in to read “the rest of the story”. I was surprised to learn that there are several lidos in London, and they exist throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. Too bad the idea hasn’t been adopted here in the U.S.

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