I Know You Know

aa bookGilly Macmillan’s latest mystery leaves the reader guessing until the last minute as to” whodunit”.    Twenty years ago, two young boys were murdered in England, and the novel opens in present day, with a skeleton having been found very close to the original burial site of the boys. A close friend of the two, Cody Swift, decides to create a podcast dealing with their deaths, in an attempt to re-open the case and find the true murderer of the boys. The young man who went to jail for their murders, Sidney Noyce, had recently committed suicide while in jail, but several people were convinced he was innocent of the crimes. So Cody begins to interview everyone associated with the boys, except for one boy’s mom, Jess, who refuses to speak to him. She cannot relive the horror that she endured back then. But there is more than meets the eye, and Macmillan is a master at creating suspense. I was guessing up until the very end as to who the culprit was. Highly recommended for mystery lovers.

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