Neverworld Wake


Neverworld Wake is the newest YA novel from best-selling author Marisha Pessl (author of Night Film). The book centers around Beatrice who has just completed her Freshman year at college and is home for the Summer in Rhode Island. Beatrice receives an invitation from her boarding school friends who she has not had any contact with since the tragic and mysterious death of her boyfriend, Jim, at their remote and elite private boarding school the year before. Beatrice is apprehensive about seeing her enigmatic friends but decides that she has to see them in order to find out if they know any more information about Jim’s death so that she can put to rest her confusion once and for all.

What starts out as an awkward drunken reunion soon turns into a nightmare when an accident leaves the group in a time loop where they are doomed to relive the exact same day over and over again until they all come to a consensus and vote for the only one of them that will be allowed to survive.

I don’t want to give away too much more about this book. Marisha Pessl is great at combining the real and the paranormal into an amazing mystery and this book is just that – a well-thought out reality-bending (time travelling!) mystery.

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