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Price of Duty

December 8, 2018


I just finished reading Price of Duty by Todd Strasser. Admittedly, this is not normally the type of book that I would read. However, I am glad that I did as sometimes it is good to have a reminder of the issues that arise from the United States being a country that technically is at war.

The story follows Jake Liddell who has just returned home a “war hero” after being seriously injured when his convoy is attacked while he is deployed overseas. Many of his friends died. He saw and did things that are unimaginable.

The war has followed him back. He needs pills to get any sleep, a young woman is trying to persuade him into speaking out against military recruitment tactics, and his famous military general grandfather is already urging him back onto the battlefield. He doesn’t know what to do; nothing makes sense anymore. Will he do what is expected of him? Will he keep up the charade that the war in the Middle East is for a just cause?


Dumplin’ Trailer!

December 2, 2018

The trailer for the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy is out! If you loved the book like I did, you will like how the screen version seems to follow closely to the story! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

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