My Year of Rest and Relaxation

cover_imageA single, white woman in her 20’s decides she is going to spend the year sleeping as much as possible. We know that our main character (not named) is beautiful and financially stable due to the inheritance of her deceased parents.  She purchases an apartment on the Upper East Side- all cash- and quits her job at an art gallery. Finding a doctor in the yellow pages who indiscriminately prescribes medications that will send her sleeping for three days straight at a time, she awakens to eat animal crackers, watch endless movies on her VCR (this is the early 2000’s), pop some more pills and go back to sleep. Along the way we get  glimpses of her detached father, self-absorbed mother and intermittent, vain lover. She is an only child, now orphaned, who has only one friend: Reva.  She wakes up to stroll to the bodega down the street and then back home. The author lists her days something like this: watched ‘Working Girl’ 27 times, ate animal crackers, popped 4 Xanax, 3 Benadryl and woke up 2 days later. Reva is the most colorful character; a bulimic from Long Island having an affair with her boss who barges in to visit her friend, although our main character can barely tolerate her and passes out in the middle of conversations.  She laconically stumbles through the days, weeks and months of her life in a stupor.   ‘My Year of Rest’ is best read in the dark days of winter as you enter a chosen hibernation helped along with an overflowing pharmaceutical selection.

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