Train I Ride


It’s hard to talk about this book without giving away too much. The Train I Ride by Paul Mosier  reveals information about the protagonist (Ryder) slowly and deliberately. Each drop of new information tugs on the heart strings. This book made me cry a lot, which very rarely happens. Ryder’s mother is an addict. Mosier doesn’t share anything graphic from Ryder’s life, only the hurt she comes to terms with as she rides the train to Chicago to stay with her new guardian following her Grandmother’s death. It is clear that Ryder has had a hard life filled with trauma – but she refuses to be a victim so she often lies to strangers about her life. The relationships that she forms with other passengers and transit workers on her journey are unique and heartfelt.

Ryder is 12 going on 13, so this is a good crossover book. I would HIGHLY recommend this book even for adults, and it is a short read!

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