The Mother-in-Law

The Mother-in-Law  A family drama set in Australia, “The Mother-in-Law” begins with the death of Diana Goodwin.  Lucy Goodwin married into the family and has never been close to her mother-in-law.  A cold, distant woman, Lucy hasn’t been able to figure out why Diana doesn’t like her.  The police claim her death appears to be a suicide, but Lucy’s husband, Ollie (Diana’s son) can’t find a reason she would make such a decision.  As each chapter unfolds, we learn about Diana’s tough teenage years that carved her tough exterior.  We learn about her troubled daughter, Nettie, who is growing more and more unhappy when she doesn’t get pregnant. We learn about the financial predicament of Ollie when Diana’s will brings more unexpected news.  Lucy is a likable character confused by the events following Diana’s death and struggling to be a mother to her three children as her family is blindsided by Diana’s sudden death.

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