Those People

Those People ‘Those People’ begins with the death of an elderly woman (by natural causes) on a nice street in a well-to-do neighborhood in London. When the woman’s relative moves in with his girlfriend, chaos ensues with his playing of loud music at all hours, construction causing noise and unsightliness, rudeness bordering on intimidation, and general disregard for the other well-behaved neighbors living on the street.  When the newcomers (those people) start a business selling used cars from out of their home and park the vehicles all over the street, the neighbors begin banding together to devise a way to either push him to leave or reduce his disruption.  When someone ends up dead, the police get involved.  ‘Those People’ is interesting in that it pits conforming people against others who cannot be controlled and disciplined.  The negative effects of these new neighbors severely changes the culture of tranquility of the street to the point of breaking up families and causing tension and despair.  While not as good as her previous work, “Our House,” ‘Those People’ is entertaining.

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