Adult Summer Reading Review: Ask Again, Yes

Here’s another fantastic review by 2019 Adult Summer Reading Book Bingo Challenge participant Trine, who offers her perspective on the very popular (and Tonight Show Summer Read pick) Ask Again, Yes by local author Mary Beth Keane:


Star Rating: 3 Stars (Liked it)

I enjoyed “Ask Again, Yes” for a few reasons. I felt it related to my own experience-moving out of the city to the suburbs. Many people make this choice in our area in order to have a family and/or affordability etc. I considered it a gigantic move for us and I think the book touches on the interesting changes it brings. The city has a degree of anonymity; suburban life- not so much. Everyone seems to be up in each others business (I am remembering the book’s supermarket incident) and so on. It also touches on what is is like to live as a young adult in the city, another thing I can relate to. The freedom and the excitement of being young and feeling invincible. It also rings with familiarity by the fact that the author is probably writing about Pearl River – a town right next door! The cop side of the story give an interesting balance-they know exactly what each other’s business is as well-regardless of zip code. They have the scoop. THE event of the story happens early on and the rest of the book unfolds with its repercussions. Each character shows their true character in it’s dark wake. The only criticism have is the seemingly quick coverage of certain time periods- kids aging and everyone being suddenly older without a real sense of what went on in between to make them unchanged…until much later.

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