Evvie Drake Starts Over

indexOn the day Evvie Drake is planning on leaving her husband, he is killed in a car accident. She has kept the secret of her marriage from everyone, including her best friend Andy. And now it is even harder to confess to anyone that her husband was abusive, mostly verbally but occasionally physical as well. But Andy’s childhood friend Dean, a pitcher for the Yankees, needs a place to stay while recuperating from a puzzling inability to throw a ball with any accuracy. So Evvie finds herself opening up to Dean as she has been unable to with anyone else in her life about her past, after he temporarily moves into an apartment in her house. Linda Holmes ‘s debut novel has lots of witty repartee between Evvie and Dean, with romance and jealousy thrown in as their friendship turns into a relationship. But they both need to come to terms with the past before they can work as a couple. Very enjoyable and a fun read.

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