The Long Flight Home

indexAnother new novel set during WWII, this story by Alan Hlad focuses on the role of homing pigeons, which were used by the English to convey messages from the locals in German-occupied France regarding troop movements. Operation Source Columba, referred to in the novel, is the actual name for the air-drop of thousands of pigeons in occupied zones of France and the Netherlands. In The Long Flight Home, Susan Shepherd and her grandfather are responsible members of the NationalĀ  Pigeon Service who deliver their pigeons to British Services in an attempt to help win the war, knowing many of them will never return. Susan falls in love with Ollie, a brave American who is determined to be a fighter pilot for the British well before America enters the war. I particularly liked the brave actions of the members of the French Resistance, who risked their lives to save their people from the Germans, as well as the resilience of the British civilians. London was bombed for 76 consecutive nights by the Luftwaffe, a truly sobering fact. Recommended for fans of historical fiction.

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