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Where The Crawdad Sings

October 12, 2019

indexDelia Owens sets her novel in the Deep South and tells the story in flashbacks. It begins with a murder, and then doubles back to follow the life of the protagonist, Kya. Nicknamed the “Swamp Girl”, she swiftly becomes a courageous heroine who has to fend for herself, after her entire family of six leaves her, one by one. With the help of some friendly “folks” she manages to raise herself, but finds it impossible to open her heart to anyone. She finally falls for a good friend, and later a handsome townie. But when Kya finds herself accused of murder, she begins to loose all hope that she will be able to continue with her life in the swamp . A wonderful debut novel that I found extremely hard to put down…

Revolting Rhymes

October 10, 2019

 Finding connections between books and other media like live theater, movies, festivals and TV is often useful for bringing attention to children’s books that might otherwise be overlooked.  Netflix has a two episode program of fractured fairy tales based on the Roald Dahl poetry book, “Revolting Rhymes.” These animated films (originally illustrated by Quentin Blake) capture the humor and horror of beloved stories turned naughty.  Published in 1982 and now streaming on Netflix, these short films (~29 minutes) take Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and other characters into the dark side for a lively look at the real story we were never told. The unexpected twist that comes at the end is sure to make your well-behaved angels feel just a bit naughty and suitably revolting.  Our library system has a copy on DVD as well as the original book available.

Walking Israel

October 9, 2019

indexMartin Fletcher has penned a wonderful narrative of his two week journey trekking the coast of Israel in the summer of 2008. He thought he knew the real Israel, since he was the NBC news bureau chief in Tel Aviv for many years and had traveled extensively in risky pursuit of breaking news stories. But as he travels from near Lebanon in the north down to Gaza, he discovers many different stories from Israelis and Arabs that live in this vast state. Subtitled A Personal Search for the Soul of a Nation, this travelogue is an intriguing look at the many varying cultures inside of Israel.

Middle School Book Club

October 8, 2019



Calling all Tweens! We will be starting a Middle school-age book club this November!

Our first meeting will be on November 29th from 5:30-6:30. Our first book will be The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani. Copies will be available at the Circulation desk soon to check out! WE WILL BE HAVING SNACKS!


October 6, 2019

indexRaina Telgemeier’s latest novel Guts,  received a very favorable review in this week’s NY Times Book Review. It deals with childhood anxiety, and is autobiographical, as revealed in the review and protagonist In fact, the author of the review states that reading Guts caused his feelings to arise about his own anxiety at the same age as the character. It’s comforting to know that there are authors brave enough to share their own vulnerabilities with young readers, in the hope that they will find some kindred spirits and realize that they are not alone with their struggles…

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