The Giver of Stars

indexThe latest novel by Jojo Moyes is a gripping tale of the “packhorse” librarians who travelled around Kentucky in the 1930’s, delivering books to families in remote and outlying areas. Eleanor Roosevelt had developed the idea to support literacy, and the women who undertook that task were brave and determined to complete their routes to the best of their abilities. This job was not for the faint of heart; they faced wild animals and wilder men who had been hitting the homemade moonshine and thus very unprincipled. And women had very few rights at that time, although one of the main heroines, Alice, leaves her husband after her father-in-law punches her in the face for “sassing” him. But she has the support of her friends and fellow librarians, Margery, Izzy, Beth and Sophia.Moyes has again written a story that you just can’t put down… I give it 5 stars!

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