Watch Over Me


Want something light to read? Well the newest YA romance by Mila Gray might help distract you from your Holiday crazies!

This one follows Zoey, a responsible teen who helps care for her mother and younger siblings after her father goes to prison for domestic violence against her mother. When Zoey’s father is released from prison he harasses Zoey and threatens revenge for sending him to prison. Enter Tristan – Zoey’s older brother’s best friend and Coast Guard cutie with a serious hero complex (this story tells itself, right?) who tries to help Zoey keep everything together while they run from her father.

Gray always writes YA military romances, and to be honest they are a little cheesy, but who doesn’t want a fun, silly, and steamy romance sometimes?! Be warned: this one contains a storyline that features domestic violence. Despite that, however, the story is captivating and surprisingly happy.

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