The Other Mrs

The Other Mrs.: A Novel by [Kubica, Mary] Kubica’s latest domestic thriller is set on an island in Maine.  Sadie and will move to the island from Chicago with their two sons after inheriting the house from Will’s sister who recently died (from suicide?)  Vague references to getting a fresh start in a new location hints at suspicious events in the past.  Sadie is a doctor and Will a college professor. Teenage Imogene is Will’s niece who was left an orphan after the death of her mother, Surly, defiant, and rebellious, Sadie isn’t sure how to approach her husband’s niece and she tries to fit into the close-knit Maine community.  Her not-so-friendly neighbors add to the eerie atmosphere.  When a young newlywed is found murdered nearby, Sadie’s fears grow.  As we learn more about the dead woman we also discover that Will had an affair back in Chicago.  Did Will have something to do with the murder?  While not my favorite Kubica book, the audio I listened to on Hoopla was enjoyable.

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