In Five Years

In Five Years: A Novel

Published March 20th, ‘In Five Years’ is the story of 20-something Dannie Kohan. Dannie graduated number 2 in her class at Columbia Law School and is poised to achieve her five-year plan dreams: get a job in a large corporate law firm, get engaged to her boyfriend of two years, and move to a great apartment on Gramercy Park. Everything is going according to plan, when she has a dream one night where she is in an apartment in Brooklyn with another man, five years from the current day. While Dannie tries to make sense of this very true-to-life dream, she is determined to move forward with her ambitions. Her best friend, Bella, questions why Dannie hasn’t actually gotten married after a four year engagement. As the five-year mark approaches, Dannie accelerates her plan so as not to fall off the rails and lose everything she has been working towards- or is it? Available as an audio book on Overdrive and kindle ebook in our library collection.

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